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Reader Reviews:

"Being married to a former first responder and the mother of a current one, I understand the importance of this information and how it can be helpful within the first responder communities and their families... A perfect resource in any first responder environment." ~ Ann L

"The book provides information on how addiction happens, explains treatment options and recovery in a clear and accessible format. The knowledge gained from the book will increase the conversation in the first responders community on this important issue and help reduce stigma."

~ Linda M

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Addiction & Recovery for First Responders is the first book of its kind that specifically speaks to public safety professionals who struggle with addiction and for those who support them. This concise guide offers practical assessments, guidance, and information related to substance use for first responders, their families, co-workers, peer support members, supervisors and other professionals who support this population.

Here's what professionals are saying about Addiction & Recovery for First Responders

"Finally, a book that discusses the unique aspects of the first responder, their profession and the issue of addictions in an easy to read and understandable book. Drew takes away the stigma to foster discussion about a once taboo topic..."

          - Tim Dietz, MA, LPC, Fire Captain (ret), author of Scenes of Compassion: A             Responder's Guide for Dealing with Emergency Scene Emotional Crisis

"This book is full of practical information, including detailed descriptions of how to talk about difficult issues and how and where to get help... This book is a great resource to help first responders and their family members understand, navigate and recover from addiction."

          - Dr. Stephanie Conn, Licensed Psychologist, author of Increasing                             Resilience in Police and Emergency Personnel

“Drew Prochniak has written an insightful and helpful resource for first responders which I recommend. Addiction and Recovery for First Responders provides a deeper understanding to the nature of addiction and the process of healing for those who serve.”

          - Dan Willis, Police Captain (ret), National Trainer on Trauma, PTSD, and                 the Process of Healing, Author of Bulletproof Spirit: The First Responders             Essential resource for Protecting and Healing Mind and Heart 

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