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Training, Education

 Supervision & Consultation

Presentations, Training

& Education

On-going and regular education is an important part of

a healthy and growing organization. I am a recognized 

presenter of topics related to:

  • Building Resilience

  • Stress & Stress Management

  • Burnout & Compassion Fatigue

  • Vicarious Trauma & Traumatic Stress

  • Healthy Leadership in Critical Occupations

  • ICISF Assisting Individuals in Crisis

  • Peer Support Team Operations

Future Training: 

  • ICISF Group Crisis Intervention

  • ICISF Advanced Assisting Individuals in Crisis

  • ICISF Advanced Group Crisis Intervention

If you belong to an organization for which these topics

would be appropriate, please contact me for

inquiries and current fee structure. 

Critical Incident Response

& Peer Support

I offer individual and group CISM related to critical incidents, including defusings and debriefings. I am trained in the ICISF Mitchell Model as well as Psychological First Aid. 

I function as the mental health clinician for multiple public safety agencies' peer support units and have significant experience in establishing and operating these highly specialized teams. 

Individualized development and training for these teams is available. 

Regularly-requested trainings include: 

  • ICISF Assisting Individuals in Crisis

  • ICISF Group Crisis Intervention

  • Peer Support Team Operations

Clinical Supervision for Registered Interns


If you are a registered intern working toward licensure in Oregon, I may be of assistance. I offer clinical supervision for mental health professionals registered with the Oregon Board of Licensed Professional Counselors and Therapists (OBLPCT) and who are working toward becoming a Licensed Professional Counselor.


Within clinical supervision, a developmental and collaborative model is used, while maintaining the goal of supporting professional growth in therapeutic orientation, style, professional identity, and competence in the supervisee.


The duties of a clinical supervisor include teaching, evaluating, consulting, and counseling. Throughout the supervisory experience, supervisees are challenged to develop skills and become proficient in the following areas:

  • screening & assessment,

  • diagnosis & treatment planning,

  • case conceptualization,

  • counseling & therapeutic interventions,

  • theory & applied knowledge,

  • client education,

  • ethical & professional standards,

  • personal growth & self-awareness, and

  • ability to create & maintain effective therapeutic relationships.


In the end, the main responsibility of the supervisor is to the welfare of the client, and secondarily, the clinical supervisee.



Clinical Consultation


Mental health professionals commonly experience challenges and even conflicts in the regular course of clinical work. Clinical consultation can be an invaluable resource and support to help you feel more confident in your clinical practice, to provide you with feedback and perspective on difficult cases, and to help you develop clarity regarding the personal and professional issues that arise in the course of your work.


If you are a mental health professional looking for support or feedback for your practice, you are invited to participate in clinical consultation and support in the following areas:

  • Difficult or complex client cases

  • Diagnosis & treatment planning,

  • Case conceptualization,

  • Dual diagnosis cases (co-occurring mental health and substance use conditions)

  • Assessment, diagnosis and treatment of addiction/ process-addiction issues (co-dependence, boundaries, etc.)

  • Problems with professional burn-out, compassion fatigue and vicarious traumatization

  • Practice & professional development

  • Practice management & work/life balance


For more information on areas of clinical focus, please visit the specialties page of this website.

For professionals who are interested in and new to working with first responders, please contact me for consultation inquiries. 



For more information regarding training, 

clinical supervision & consultation,

contact me


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